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 Rural House Kordoa is located in Erratzu, Navarre

It is a small village, located in an extraordinary setting, on the slopes of mount Auza. It is one of the 15 villages that form the Baztan Valley. The village is located in the mountainous area of Navarre and it has 500 inhabitants. It is surrounded by forests and fields. In the village, there are different services: parc, fronton, supermarket, bars, restaurants...

Xorroxin Waterfall. In Erratzu you can start a circular route towards the waterfall. The route has 5,6 km and it goes along an adapted and signposted path.


The peak of Izpegi is very close, a path which connects with Iparralde. Here, you can enjoy spectacular landscapes and you can see the Pyrenees on clear days. From there, you can also follow different mountain routes: Auza, Iparla... It is an appreciated pass for cyclists. There is also a large car park and different places that offer meals. 


In Erratzu you can taste the typical talos, in Zubipunta Ostatua.


Horse Ride 

Baztán Adventure




Places to visit... 

Xorroxin Waterfall


It is an extraordinary waterfall, located at the foot of moun Autza (1306 metres). Close to this spot, the river Baztan is born, which goes through the Baztan valley for 20 km.

Zugarramurdi Caves


Magic, fantasy and witchcraft have turned this place into a unique tourist attraction. The Cave is 400 metres away from Zugarramurdi, a frontier town which is close to France, in the western Pyrenees of Navarre.

Park "Señorío de Bertiz"


Full of great natural treasures, the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park is an impressive place… Beech trees, oaks, deer, roe deer, wild boar and birds will be the main protagonists during your visit.

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